Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shakespearean Sonnet

I wrote this yesterday morning and had a lot of fun with it. It's decidedly creepy and dark in comparison to all of my other poetry. But actually it's really funny. I love pomegranates!

The Rape of Persephone

Before I even cut you open, I
Imagine stripping you, revealing chaste
Persephone: a gleam of white, a sigh
Of scarlet beads, of blood. Beware! Make haste,
For Hades rides to watch her suckle seeds.
It must be virgin skin that draws his sight,
So supple, full of life. What kind of deeds
Does he conceive? Such calculated plight!
I, too, will crack you open, lift your legs
And suck your juice from plumping lips. We kiss,
A secret, sweet and so silent, begging
For ecstasy. I dig my nails in bliss,
My mouth is stained by this red murder, by
Your red blood. Now, I have consumed you dry.

Justine Bienkowski

Sunday, November 8, 2009



Even when it rains,
I will still remember.

Justine Bienkowski

The Pelican

The Pelican
(During High Noon in Tampa, Florida)

All afternoon we searched for dolphins in the bay,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of velveteen plastic,
Hoping we would never have to leave.

Your father used to live here, among roses,
Among dolphins, and I think that I, too,
Will choose a place like this, when I am dying from my sins.

I thought I saw one, stretching up to capture a speck of light,
But maybe it was just a sewage pump expunging its breakfast.
I am sorry that I could not find you one.

Later, at the marina while the sun was setting,
We saw him, proud neck stuck out as he flew
Through the air--no dolphin, but pelican.

And still, I was glad.

Justine Bienkowski