Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spenserian Sonnet

It's not quite iambic through and through, but it is certainly pentameter.

The Termite

An infestation comes in many forms,
But mine is lone, a stagnant presence here.
The termite infiltrates our home and storms
The ramparts, chewing cud, a mix of fear
And choking hazards. Chowing down on tears,
He slowly dissolves bedrock, acid words
Abundant in his mouth. A buccaneer,
He commandeers our house, the ship, stewards
Our lives with glancing blows, quickly forwards
Hearts to knots in throats. At night I hear him,
A soft chewing beneath my bed. Coward
I am, I fix the floorboards and I dim
The lights. Each day is the same, Each night reeks
Of self-medication; I remain meek.

Justine Bienkowski

Free Verse

I guess this poem isn't really relevant anymore. But. Whatever.



I've been swallowing rocks for days,
Listening to lullabies sung by Morrissey
And writing awful poetry.

I keep thinking you are here somewhere,
Among the nameless faces.

Did you know that everyone here drives your car?
I strain to look into each set of windows.

I'm afraid to say I am a permanent blanch
From seeing your ghost all day
In each ducked face
Each dark corner
Every puddle
Every mirror.

I've rubbed my palms against my face so much
I've rubbed off all my freckles.

I hope you'll recognize me
I hope you are still waiting for me.

Justine Bienkowski

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poland, Austria, Czech Republic

Sadly, the rental phone I took with me on my trip did not work as well as I hoped it would, hence no updates throughout the trip. However, for my sake and your sake I will include this mini update to let you know how it was.

I go to Poland every two years or so in order to visit my family, specifically my grandmother and cousins. This year my cousin Renata and I took a trip to Vienna and Prague because I have never been.

Here are my thoughts:

+ beautiful architecture
+ clean
+ amazing public transportation system
+ awesome beer
+ great vibe, great atmosphere

+ beautiful architecture
+ awesome beer
- dirty
- pickpockets
- people in restaurants will try to cheat you on your bill
- sketchy

Here are a few pictures from the trip and then on to the next post for a poetry update.

Prague's main square in the old city

Neptune's fountain in Vienna

Me doing something I shouldn't be doing!!! Vienna

Cathedral in Vienna

King's apartments in Vienna

In front of the parliament building in Vienna

Another cathedral in Vienna

An awesome building in the stare miasto (old city) of Lublin, Poland

The castle in Lublin