Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free Verse

A Cross to Bear

The river will always remind me of my mother,
Turbulent, constantly surging,
Carrying all the debris from her life
Along her banks, always moving along,
Never stopping, always flowing,
Shifting to swallow all in her path.
Rushing, meandering, curvy, beautiful,
She sweeps the rocks along the bed,
Rolls pebbles between the lengths of her palms.

She will always remind me of the things within,
Of the rocks falling inside my chest.
She is part of my avalanche.

Justine Bienkowski

Free Verse

Let in No Light

The art of numbing one’s self is very precise;
There is a science to the disconnect
Between fingers
And hands
And moldy pages.
Grab your cutlery, it is time to dissect and

The time for leaving is upon us,
When darkness becomes us like a little black dress,
A glove around our soft parts,
Holding us in so we may not spill our guts from seams.
A call to arms for hemming disgrace
Take up your needles and head in towards battle.
Shut out

The art of missing someone is very precise;
There is a science to shutting eyes tight
Let in

Justine Bienkowski

Free Verse // Quatrains

Morning Coffee

The cereal bowl
is empty
because I have already

I have taken
all of the coffee;
don’t be mad.

that I will think of you
when I smell
the hazelnut.

Justine Bienkowski

Monday, September 6, 2010

Free verse

It's not actually in ode form so I'm using the term 'ode' loosely.

An Ode to the Gin and Tonic

All hail glory manifest in rocks glasses!
Let us toast to warm sugary smiles
Shared beneath sweltering sun.
We don’t care if we sweat ourselves away to nothing;
We drink and sing,
Crushing mosquitoes and doubts.
I suck down lime pulp and yell
Into the wind, grabbing fistfuls of grass,
Planting myself in sweet-smelling earth
To grow up into the sun and into embraces.
We’ll link arms around the candle,
Brandishing fiery hearts
And close-knit thoughts.
This summer, my friends, is for you.

Justine Bienkowski