Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sonnet - Every Day Hot Dogs

I just put together my writing schedule for the rest of the month and it ... it scary. So here's a sonnet about hot dogs.


Every Day Hot Dogs

While one school screams, “No ketchup!” the other
insists, “No mercy! Give us what you got!”
Let us begin to pile it on, rather:
the first, just mustard. Next, some chili: dot
on top sour cream. And relish tangy
yet spicy sauces! Bring it on until
the wieners bathe in graves of umami,
and delicately stroke on the refill
of sauerkraut and pickled affection.
Prepare yourself, imbued deceit lurks in
the promised treat within the toasted bun.
It’s baseball, it is summer, it hides when
we need it most. It’s just a feeling, pray,
but it is all I want to feel today.

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