Monday, April 2, 2012

Sonnet - How to Prepare a Pie Crust

How to Prepare a Pie Crust

There comes a time in any woman’s life:
the moment for pie is born. Take cherry
for lipstick, pucker tight, the perfect wife.
Time to sully bereft hands. Plunge cheery
into powder, wring the quivering dough.
Place dirty hands to face, pause with each squeeze,
knead and need, sculpt to cover holes. Although
the sticky gum is used to hold, unease
sickens the throat; will it flake? Will it burst?
Crimp edges with tortured precision, lick
cinnamon stick fingers. Keep self immersed
in blocks of pastry cities, in the thick
nest of lattice work. The opus, the now,
the bent-over-knee-spasm of spousal clout.

Justine Bienkowski

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